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Make Model
May 19 198620
Nabertherm Furnance 

List all items of this typeSemiconductor Manufacturing Equipment - Other


1   N*
Nabertherm Furnance:
Furnance PLC controlled with touch screen
Apr 24 198017


DB 835 

List all items of this typeScientific and Laboratory Equipment - Other

in Laboratory Equipment

1 € 50,000.00 F*N*
Dualbeam Focused Ion Beam FEI DB835:
SEM: Schottky Emitter, 4nm (1kV, 5mm WD), 3nm (5kV, 5mm WD)
FIB: Magnum Column, 30kV,  1pA-21nA, 7nm @ 30kV, 5kV/250pA
GIS for Tungsten deposition, Silicon Oxide deposition, Insulator Enhanced Etch
Stage: 200x200mm, -5° to +60° tilt, Z travel nicht spezifiziert ist aber ca. 10mm
Holder: 200mm Wafer, 150mm Wafer, Wafer Piece, Multible Stub
ohne Vorpumpe und Chiller
Apr 22 197965


Epsilon 3200 

List all items of this typeEpitaxial Cluster Tools

in Epitaxial Reactors

1   F*N*
ASM EPI Epsilon 3200
Apr 19 197922

Applied Materials  


List all items of this typeCluster Plasma Tools - Poly/Nitride

in Cluster Plasma Tools

1   F*N*
P5000 Etch :
P5000 with 3 MxP Poly Etch chambers and ESC Chuck.
Mar 31 197661


FPA-1550 M4-W 

List all items of this typeG-Line Wafer Steppers

in Wafer Steppers

1   N*
Mar 27 197633

Dainippon Screen  


List all items of this typeProgrammable Robotic Photoresist Develop Tracks

in Photoresist Develop Track Systems

1   N*
Dainippon Screen SDW-60A-AVP:
Developer with 2 Developercups

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