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Item ID: 190834

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Preco FlexStar Laser Processing System

The system is designed to cut and drill copper, polyimide, polyester, and other common flexible circuit materials and to etch ITO and other conductive films. The system is designed to process specified material in roll-to-roll format utilizing a galvanometer-steered laser to achieve superior productivity while maintaining high accuracy. The specially designed system incorporates a proprietary Preco custom-designed system that compensates for long-term position and scale variations of the galvanometer scanners on a continuing basis. The “zero drift” and “gain drift” of galvanometers often require frequent calibration to achieve high accuracy. The Preco solution can reduce the frequency of calibrations from days to several months.

The FlexStar Laser System is comprised of a diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) UV laser. Manipulation of the laser beam is by a high-performance galvanometer scan head in cooperation with a vacuum table feed system, based on a granite support structure. The beam delivery scan head is carried on a Yaxis slide across the web and the web is indexed in the X-axis by a vacuum table.

The standard system configuration consists of the following laser source: 7-W diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) frequency-tripled UV (355 nm) laser. An integrated closed-loop chilled-water cooling unit maintains stable operating temperature of the laser source.


High-performance galvanometer scan heads manipulate the laser beam within the FlexStar unit. This system is based on an F-theta telecentric scan head.

During laser processing, the material is held by a vacuum table. The working area of the table is divided into “tiles” which fit within the scan field. Each tile is located under the scan head by indexing the vacuum table in the web direction and/or the scan head in the transverse direction. Each of the stages consists of a servo-driven ballscrew assembly, air-bearings on granite ways, and glass scales. This design yields a typical accuracy of ±0.0005” (±0.012 mm), over 24” (610 mm) of travel.

The material to be processed is unwound from a single spindle with 6” (152 mm)pneumatic core chucks. The material roll can have a maximum diameter of 20” (±508 mm) and maximum width of 22” (559 mm). The web is actively guided by actuating the unwind spindle, vacuum box tension control and idle roller assembly. A vacuum drum pulls material from the outbound vacuum box. The vacuum drum also allows web tension in the laser processing area to be different than at the rewind. The rewind features an integrated active web-guide, digitally-controlled clutch for rewind tension control, and 6” (152 mm) pneumatic core chucks. Unwind and rewind modules can each be quoted with an additional spindle, which may be used for removing and/or adding overlay or interleaf material.

More details are available on request.


Preco FlexStar Laser Processing System
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Preco Inc.
Model 7-Watt FlexStar UV Laser System
Description for electronics and advanced materials
Accessories Outbound Modifications
Cantilever Shafts, Unwind and Rewind
Light Table
Slug Removal Modifications
Condition Good
Year of Manufacture 2009

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