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in Vertical LPCVD Furnaces
Item ID: 137566

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Furnace TEL Minibatch (NITRID)

OfenTel Minibatch (NITRID)
Equipment Code: OFE361-01

TEL Formula Minibatch furnace for Nitride, 4

OfenTel Minibatch (NITRID)
Serial Number: P00000315001
Furnace TEL Minibatch (NITRID)
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Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Tokyo Electron Ltd
Model OfenTel Minibatch (NITRID) for 12" / 300 mm
Wafer Size Range 
  Set Size 300 mm
Cassette to Cassette YES
Year of Manufacture 2004
Condition Very Good
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 190.157  in  (483.0 cm)
  Depth 46.850  in  (119.0 cm)
  Height 110.236  in  (280.0 cm)
Weight 7,136  lb  (3,237 kg)
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Serial Number(s)P00000315001